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3 Signs That PROVE You Understand Leadership in your Massage Establishment.

1) Understanding That Everyone in the Room is as Important as You Are -- This doesn't mean we abdicate our role as a leader in our massage business. The tension between serving others and leading them with humble confidence creates balance and allows your massage therapy staff and massage clientele to feel secure.

2) Taking Time to Listen -- Compassionate, full-body listening as a business owner is a part of your relational and leadership style. Patient, full-body listening allows us to be fully present. This act of listening, in itself, is an act of serving and shows we genuinely care.

3) You Know You Are Not the Other Person's Savior

Understanding that you do not have to HAVE or BE all the answers to another person's problems. Simply being present to the other and being willing to help within your ability and role inside your massage establishment is key to being useful in your role as the boss.

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership in a place of business needs to be genuine, but this type of leading must have boundaries that need to be healthy, and not remove us from our role as boss and leader of our business.

Servant leaders are often naturally compassionate, and it is easy for them to confuse their responsibilities within the workplace. As a result, they sometimes over-reach in attempts to help others and create unhealthy dual relationships.

When SERVANT LEADERSHIP goes too far:

I once knew a woman boss of a popular massage establishment, who was confronted with an employee having extreme personal problems. This massage therapist was living in an extremely impoverished neighborhood surrounded by drug use and continual violence.

Listening compassionately and understanding the need, she went over and above to help find a more suitable environment for her employee to live. BUT... it was at the expense of her business finances.

Was helping this employee a good idea? Most certainly! Was utilizing the business finances a good idea? Emphatically NO!

It wasn't genius for the boss to take $$ from places that were accounted for elsewhere. She abdicated her role of leadership, and in doing this, she failed to honor the role of the business and ITS service to the community and other massage therapists. She was potentially destabilizing the entire financial structure of the business, which was built to serve the whole, not just the one.

Servant leadership must remain balanced and have as its primary overarching focus the heath of the business as a whole. Without this focus, servant leadership becomes something else much less attractive and compelling.

There ARE ALWAYS at least three entities involved in a business relationship:

1) The boss/owner

2) The employee/contractor

3) The business

Each entity has its primary role in serving; they all have to remain balanced and serve within their appropriate boundaries and responsibilities, helping and serving each other so that all can thrive and CONTINUE to serve.

Had the business owner in the story above had a fund established to help her massage therapists and taken from that designated fund or found another way more appropriate way, she would have acted more responsibly.

In business, it is vital to act within the role appropriate to the position held. The "primary role" of each entity, respectively, is "the ground" that keeps things oriented, balanced, and healthy - and must be honored for servant leadership within a business to work and that ALL continue to thrive.

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