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Become a Healing Presence

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Dearest Friends,

I hope that this finds you content and at peace.

Around the third week of August, we moved from summer to the "late summer" season. A brief pause before Autumn when summer gives us her last burst of energy, offering us a generous harvest in preparation for the winter.

I love this time of year! You can just feel things beginning to slow down. There is a pleasant relaxation in the atmosphere as we prepare for the harvest and reflect upon the activity and excitement of summer.

With this movement of the seasons, I find myself contemplative.

I find myself contemplating the connectedness we have which each other, the cosmos, and God.

Moving with the seasons' natural cycle, I wish to put my feet for some final moments into her rich and generous soil.

I wish to move inward to connect fully to my center.

Moving inward, I ground not only into myself and the earth as encouraged in the natural wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) but also into the Ground of my being as encouraged in the Ancient Christian Tradition (ACT)

This Ground — who is God— In whom I live and breathe and have my beingness.

God – who is not me - but dwells in me and is Source. The very Ground of my being-ness.

I am grateful and I find rest.

I contemplate those who are coming in for a massage.

Along with relief from physical discomfort and pain, there seems to be a need for deep rest and stability—a desire for healthy, authentic connectedness and community.

In my heart, I consider that as we ourselves come to our center—nourished by God—the Ground of our being, we can, in turn, nurture and care for those who come to us for massage—offering relief from both physical pain and the anxiety of life.

I pray that your presence brings a sense of homeostasis and rest to all those you touch.

God Bless YOU.

All my love,


Total Body Flow Massage® method

“We are a healing presence to others when we give them strength and when we give them hope.”

Albert S. Rossi, Becoming a Healing Presence


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