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Rule 1- How to Not Kill Your Small Business

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

"Do not be afraid to lose clients, customers, or staff. Trying to please everyone creates chaos."

Fear and chaos are always linked and can be a death blow to a business. In business fear presents in a variety of different ways.

Fear of failure or success can express as indifference, self-doubt, worry and anxiety, over-cautiousness or procrastination. Fear of what others think may express as self-consciousness and insecurity, condescension, arrogance, a flat countenance, extravagance, or a lack of initiative and ambition. Fear of loss often expresses as jealousy, greed, criticism, dominance, control, overspending, recklessness and compulsion. Living in fear is a negative emotion and always results in some kind of chaos.

Some fear is natural and helpful, but most fear is a negative passion that grows in the heart quietly and often goes unnoticed until we find ourselves paralyzed with inaction. And while we do not want focus on fear, we do want to understand it, so we are not under its control.

Through knowledge and self-observation, we can identify this negative passion and encourage a culture of self-awareness and present moment living in our place of business.

When the negative passion of fear, either from a customer or an employee, begin to influence or dominate the health of the business and by extension the livelihood of co-workers, then it is important to make a decision to correct things based on the facts and the best interest of the company.

As the leader of your company, it is your job to judge the actions of a person in relationship to their job description and how it is impacting the whole group and the mission and vision of the company – not their essential value as a person. There is a difference.

In the end we are in business to make money. It is good, even desirable, to create an environment that encourages and promotes personal development and peaceful living. But at the end of the day it is the role of the owner/boss to create and maintain a healthy business.

This means knowing when to give space for people to grow, and when to let go of that which no longer serves the whole.

Synergism - that is working toward a common goal together, with equal reciprocation is the governing principle in mitigating decisions that are difficult, with dispassion.

You can’t control the actions of others BUT…

You CAN watch over your own motives and intentions.

You CAN act kindly – but firmly, for the good of the whole.

You CAN detach from our own negative emotions without disengaging from the process.

You CAN allow the mission and the vision of the company, and an objective analysis of how the laws of synergism and reciprocation are being honored, create the boundaries for the relationships we have with our employees and clients.

By being responsible to the role of leadership you can keep your business healthy, and by honoring the laws of synergism and reciprocation you can have a thriving and healthy business!

May your business thrive and may Love and Light fill your world!

Truly yours,


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