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I can't say enough about both my professional and personal experiences with Lavonne. My journey with Lavonne began in 2013 in her massage spa. My client books were full almost immediately, and within a few weeks I was rebooking clients for weekly and monthly appointments. Within several months, new therapists began joining us and Lavonne utilized her exclusive Total Body Flow method to incorporate into training every new therapist.

In my experience, using this method of massage, I was able to provide a consistent massage every single treatment. Lavonne began providing quarterly training's to allow therapists to gain knowledge on different ways to incorporate Total Body Flow within their existing methods of massage.

Lavonne encouraged me to share my experiences of success, as well as provided opportunities for me to teach at therapist training's, and act as a mentor to other therapists, as she had mentored me. This provided me with strength and confidence as not only a massage practitioner, but also created an immense amount of growth within my own personal life.

Having this whole new skill set of massage, provided me with the ability to truly connect with my clientele in a way that I had never achieved prior to utilizing the Total Body Flow method. I found ways to see into a deeper human experience, knowing that each and every individual that was receiving a massage, was walking away from a treatment more centered in their heart, mind, and body.

I wholeheartedly attribute my success and growth to the amazing guidance and mentorship that I have received from Lavonne over the years. Lavonne's love and belief in the human spirit radiates from her core, and this joy is reflected in her work and in her teachings.


Lana Bostwick, Licensed Massage Therapist


I had the opportunity to be coached by Lavonne Ayoub for at least five years. Her ability to connect with people was heart felt and welcomed. She made you feel important and that you mattered. The approaches that I learned from her regarding the Total Body Flow Method increased my skill level. I was able to take these techniques to increase mindful awareness and allow my creative energies to flow during sessions. The skills I acquired allowed me to sharpen my intuition and zero in the client’s needs during sessions, which in turn increased client satisfaction and client return rate. If you are looking to gain additional support as you grow your business and professional development profile, then you are a great candidate to become a mentee of Lavonne Ayoub.

Tameka Mays, Licensed Massage Therapist

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Lavonne is one of the most giving people I know.  Her generosity of spirit is abundant in her self care routines and how she imparts her wisdom to others. Her mindfulness allows for tremendous compassion to meet others in their head space, not hers.  Through her gentle guidance, each breath is noticed and focused and will bring you closer to self love which in turn creates a greater capacity to love others.  Her quiet, prayerful countenance is calming and open.  Lavonne is a treasure.

Claire J. Hodge, Soprano

Private Voice Teacher

Choral Clinician

Lutheran Cantata Choir, Director

Body DialogueTM Practitioner

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My experience with Lavonne Ayoub as a professional massage therapist and industry leader in the field of massage has been nothing short of extraordinary. I have been the recipient of Lavonne’s massage technique or one of her highly trained therapists many times. Ranging from stress relief to improved circulation and flexibility. Each session tailored to meet my desired
outcome for healthier living.

As a triathlete in my 40’s, massage therapy became a critical discipline needed to keep my body in peak performance. In March 2017 I was in a terrible car accident that left me with some serious injuries, including a separated clavicle. Although training was limited, massage therapy became my choice for healing my mind and body back from the injuries. Lavonne and her skilled team began working on my rehabilitation which allowed me to recover surgery-free and still maintain training capability.

I have had a lot of different massage therapists and treatments over the years, but none have rivaled the skill and precision as what Lavonne or someone that she has trained provide for me to ensure physical healing.

It is without hesitation that I submit my endorsement for Lavonne Ayoub and her business model for massage therapy, training, and consultation to safeguard a healthy balance for any athlete or individual seeking to have a healthy mind and body from the everyday stress of life.

David Miller, LP, The Fellowship


"Lavonne has a proven track record of success, a leader in the massage industry with incredible knowledge. She is someone you can count on. I would highly recommend any workshop she is teaching. Tara Baldwin, MCLC, BELIEVE Life Coaching


Master Certified Life Coach Tara Baldwin, owner of BELIEVE Life Coaching, facilitates individual and group life & business coaching sessions and meditation - connecting the mind and the body. Tara offers Life Coaching Certification courses, team training programs, sales coaching, mindful leadership coaching, and wellness programs for companies and organizations including government agencies who aim to maximize their effectiveness. Her approach uses a combination of neuro-linguistic programming, the fundamentals of coaching, neuroscience, and psychology.

Tara has worked for and trained alongside industry icons for over 15 years. She has served as a top coach under Tony Robbins, studied neuroscience and meditations effect on healing under Dr. Joe Dispenza, worked under Brian Tracy, and studied under Cloe Madanes, recognized as a master therapist by the American Psychotherapy Association.

Tara Baldwin, MCLC, BELIEVE Life Coaching

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What people say who have received 

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WOW!! The very "Best of the Very Best" massage ever!! Worst part is when the massage ends and you are back into the real world. Of course then I can schedule my next massage as soon as possible!!

Jack S.

Lavonne was Excellent the best massage I ever had. 😊😊😊

Kim S.

The technique is unique to any other therapist I've ever had.

Kim G.

Exceptional! On-time, professional and attentive.

Twila D.

Great experience and amazing massage!

Kristen S.

Finally felt like I got the massage I've been wanting for years! 

Urana U.

One of the best massages I've had

in a long time. 

Kevin  J.

It was absolutely the Best and most nurturing massage ever!

Just wonderful!

Auseta C.

The best experience every time highly recommended.

George L.

A Healing Artist, she has the gift of touch.

Ann Z.

Makes a huge difference in how you feel.

Diane C.

It was the best massage I've ever had.

Jacquie M.

My massage was the BEST I've ever experienced and that's the honest truth!!!

Rae B.


Ashton R.

Lavonne is really great and knows what she is she is doing!

Adrian R.

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