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with Lavonne 

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You do not have to be a professional to join this FUN class.
All you need is a desire to learn :)


  1. A brief history of massage.

  2. Essentials for preparing for a massage.

  3. An overview of the five types of professional strokes taught in Massage Schools today.

4. Some of the most popular massage strokes I used and taught my therapists in a professional setting that kept our clients coming back year after year!

5. A template for one full-body 1-hour massage session.

Whether you are a massage enthusiast wanting to know how to give massage at home

a parent wanting to help your family thrive, or a wellness provider wanting to give more touch therapy to those in your care... Welcome to our family!

I look forward to seeing you on November 7th, and sharing with you this

incredibly easy way to help those you care about.


With Love,


Have you always wanted to know how to give a FANTASTIC Massage?

You feel you have a great touch, but you just haven't gotten around to going to school.


Maybe you don't want to go to school, but you want to provide the most excellent

massage experience to your family and friends.

Or maybe... you are massage enthusiasts, and with the COVID outbreak, you and

your loved one(s) have not received massage as often as you would like. 

 And you simply want to be able to provide massage for each other when your 

favorite massage spa or therapist is unavailable.

Hi! I am Lavonne. With a background in Massage and BodyWork spanning two decades,

I went from being a solo practitioner to owning one of the fastest-growing massage spas in

the southeast, serving thousands of clients and teaching other therapists how to give a superior massage experience to their clients and grow their own businesses.

In the spirit of giving to the community

during these challenging times, I am giving this


to anyone who feels they could benefit.


Class size is limited so reserving now is essential.

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