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Lavonne is a wife, mom, coach, author, and

public speaker. With a background in, Christian

ministry, personal development, and health and wellness spanning two decades, Lavonne now works from home, writing and developing curriculum for online courses and in-person events. Lavonne loves to help others become the best version of themselves through, teaching, and developing strong interpersonal relationships. She lives with her husband in the

beautiful state of Idaho and enjoys traveling, reading and the good company of friends.

Speaking Engagements

Health and Wellness

Creator of 
The Total Body Flow® System

As a Master Massage Therapist, Lavonne continues to coach in wellness living and teaches her massage method, sharing her business knowledge with other professional therapists and business owners through online training, one-on-one coaching, and group/corporate training. 


Having owned one of the fastest-growing massage spas in the Southeast, training therapists in the Total Body Flow Massage® method, and serving thousands of clients, helping others succeed in life and business is her absolute passion. 


 How to give a pro-level massage to your family and friends in the

the comfort of your own home in this easy-to-learn online course. 

This course is great for massage enthusiasts, massage students

and anyone wanting to learn more about the art of touch.

Become a healing presence and bring the gift of

YOUR healing touch to your family and friends.

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