Wait! Intuitive power CAN be developed?!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

What does waiting on the Lord

have to do with massage? Everything!

I am sure you would agree that intuition is a powerful tool in a massage session. Right?

To hear biofeedback and respond intuitively during a massage session, we must go inward and wait. We often call this full-body listening. We could also call it whole-being listening.

When we practice waiting on the Lord, we are engaging the same process. The more we practice prayerful waiting on God, the easier practicing whole-being listening with our massage clients becomes.

When we pray, we naturally move inward and allow our mind to descend into the heart. We close our eyes and seek out our hearts with great ease. Instinctively we know that we must move into our hearts to find God. We instinctively come back to ourselves to seek out God, from the inside of our deepest being. Not only does prayer lead us to God through an internal process; but also Intuition and clarity are the by-products of holism. It is precisely by engaging in life as a holistic being that we activate our intuitive powers.

Many people think that intuitive powers are a spiritual gift and that being highly intuitive means receiving unique insight. They confuse intuition - their natural God-given, energetic, intuitive powers with having the ability to receive messages from God, the universe and even perhaps otherworldly beings and spirit guides.

Our intuitive power, however, is very specifically, a human power - unique to our being-ness. It is a powerful tool that can be developed and activated and is the foundation of all good energy work.

When practicing energy work, I often tell people that there is no need to interact with otherworldly beings and spirit guides, for when we step into our own personal God-given power, we have all the insight and ability we need to help others in a very natural way. There is no need for "tapping into" spiritual practices connecting us to otherworldly beings and spiritual realms that may or may not be out actually to help us.

Becoming proficient in the spiritual arts can takes years, and practicing the spiritual arts is outside the scope and practice of massage - in that the practice of massage does not allow for prescribing and diagnosing - physically, psychologically, or spiritually. As licensed massage therapists, we can only be aware and use our knowledge of the human frame to guide the massage session and practical outcomes within the scope of practice for which we are licensed - while we encourage and affirm.

In the Total Body Flow Massage® method tradition - we do not view all spirits and otherworldly beings as good. Some are not. And it is often hard to discern the difference between the good and the mischievous, especially for those who have not been mentored for an extended period of time under the guidance of an experienced spiritual guide.