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Shift Your Vibration and Grow a Business That You Love

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Part of owning a successful and thriving business is having a happy business. As business owners, most of our time is spent at work or thinking about work. So having a pleasant environment, a place we like to be is a huge part of success.

Oriental Medicine Theory heavily influences the Total Body Flow Massage, and as an educator, I have developed and taught Oriental Medicine at the Institute level.

In Traditional Chinese Theory (TCT) and Orthodox Christian Theory (OCT), we've just entered the summer cycle, having come out of the spring cycle, which was a time for reorganizing and restructuring. Getting rid of the old and getting ready for the new - removing what no longer serves us, moving forward.

Even if it is not our habit to do so during the spring cycle, Because of the COVID crisis, we were thrust into restructuring and reorganizing, whether we wanted to or not.

We had to go okay, what am I doing? How am I going to survive? How do I pivot, so I am ready for the reopen and continue to thrive in my business?

Now we find ourselves in a glorious summer! And if we're going to stay congruent with the cycles of TCM for optimal results, it's time to move forward into our newly established structures and protocols, and thrive!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, five elements govern the cycles of life. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Fire is the element that governs summer.

Let's look at just three things about the Fire element.

First, fire/summer is a time for peak activity, full bloom, maturity, and happiness.

So, for maximum results, now is the time to focus on extreme peak productivity. Now, this is the time to be busy, and it is not the time to hide.

COVID threw us for a little bit of a loop. We had a mass restructure, and we had to figure out how we were going to move forward.

But I know that you have taken the time to plan and that you're going to follow the recommended guidelines put out for our industry. You are competent and capable.

We are already in a highly hygienic industry, so moving forward with these extra layers of protection will be wise and essential, but now's the time to implement and move forward and work at maturing those processes and practices that are in place—establishing them so you can thrive.

Secondly, fire also has a quality of warmth and heat. It is a time for expressing the energetic attributes of hospitality. Now is time to develop and share warm hospitality within your new structure and your new protocols.

Summer is a time for being social and building relationships. While we are more aware of social distancing and taking extra precautions in close spaces, people still need friendly hospitality right now and deep caring.

So, wherever you are both in business, or maybe at the grocery store or whatever you're doing - bring this open, warm hospitality governed by the fire element to your experience. We want to help move people away from the fear and anxiety thrust upon them in COVID-19 and bring them into a new space of extreme joy and deep rest!

Learning to share warm hospitality only benefits your business. Word of mouth is still the number one tool for growing a business and for creating a robust and loyal clientele base. When people feel welcomed and enjoy you, they are going to share what you do more freely.

And finally, the summer cycle also is a time for happiness and joy—a time for creating spaces and activities that focus on the happiness and joy of others.

It is crucial to take the time to actively focus with purpose focus on what is good, what is helpful, and what is virtuous.

Focusing on what is good creates an atmosphere that's more natural for the human experience. Fear and anxiety is a tough place for people to be in. It's not a natural or inviting place, so with awareness, it is essential to take the time to bring our clients into a more natural and joyful space – on purpose.

What we focus on is often what we see and superimpose over our life experience. This is the case in every area of life. Success in massage and business and extreme health and happiness is no different. Focusing on what is good and helping others see the good around them is an essential tool for enhancing your client's journey toward health and well-being.

It's time to shift our focus from the chaos of the spring. The summer cycle is the perfect time to refocus and return to the success principles of focusing on high vibratory energies. So, bring yourself into the vibratory state of happiness and joy. Shift your vibratory state and grow a business that you love!

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