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Are you a massage therapist feeling stuck? Restricted? Overwhelmed?

I love this quote I read recently from Daymond John, of the Shark Tank. (One of my favorite shows to watch BTW)

It simply says: "You are not stuck unless you decide to be."

Ouch!! and OK!!

This quote made me reflect!

It made me think about all the changes and surprises this year has brought to us collectively as a massage community, a nation, as individuals - the hardships, and the discomforts.

New challenges ALWAYS present new opportunities. And so, I am asking the questions: How am I handling the changes? Do I feel stuck? What can I do? Where are the opportunities now?

I know it takes courage to stop and pause, dear one, and staying busy often shields us from the fear of uncertainties, which can be overwhelming.

But clarity and inspiration will not come from noise.

It comes when we dare to stop and see - when we pause.

It comes when we take a breath and allow our inner self to hear and understand.

I invite you to take a pause. To take a breath and be courageous.

A Practice:

Take a gentle breath in and close your eyes.

As your breath gently leaves the body, allow your mind to

descend into your heart, following the motion of your chest

on your out-breath...repeat as often as you need to.

Become Calm.

As your thoughts become clear, inspiration will come. Answers will manifest, and the way forward will appear.

Dare to see.

New challenges ALWAYS present new opportunities. Be Courageous. Take a pause. Be inspired!

With all my love,


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