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WOW!! The very "Best of the Very Best" massage ever!! Worst part is when the massage ends and you are back into the real world. Of course then I can schedule my next massage as soon as possible!!

Jack S.

Lavonne was Excellent the best massage I ever had in Florida 😊😊😊

Kim S.

The technique is unique to any other therapist I've ever had.

Kim G.

Exceptional! On-time, professional and attentive.

Twila D.

Great experience and amazing massage!

Kristen S.

Finally felt like I got the massage I've been wanting for years! 

Urana U.

One of the best massages I've had

in a long time. 

Kevin  J.

It was absolutely the Best and most nurturing massage ever!

Just wonderful!

Auseta C.

The best experience every time highly recommended.

George L.

A Healing Artist, she has the gift of touch.

Ann Z.

Makes a huge difference in how you feel.

Diane C.

It was the best massage I've ever had.

Jacquie M.

My massage was the BEST I've ever experienced and that's the honest truth!!!

Rae B.


Ashton R.

Lavonne is really great and knows what she is she is doing!

Adrian R.

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