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with Lavonne 

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 Grow Your Business!

Retain Clientele!

Make More Money!

ARE YOU A MASSAGE THERAPIST trading all your time for little money?  You know you offer so much more value than what you are being paid, but you find it difficult to find and keep your own clientele. You wonder... What is the secret to being truly successful in the massage industry? What is it that those successful therapists are doing to stay energized and motivated when you are feeling... 

Burned out, Frustrated, and Stuck!


Hi, I am Lavonne.  with over two decades of training in personal and business development, and now, 15 years of practicing massage therapy (all of those years owning my own practice), I get it!


You became a massage therapist because you love to serve others, and making your clients FEEL GOOD lights your soul on fire!


Your clients look to you for real pain relief, stress management, and results on many different levels. You are good at what you do! Better than that, you are GREAT at what you do! the rest of us, it didn't take you long after leaving school to find out that business is more complicated than you thought! Growing a business from scratch is not easy!  You thought it would be easy to find clients and fill your books but you are looking at empty books instead...

NOW, you are working for someone else wondering how you can sustain the workload. And Post COVID...? You're wondering if your goals are even worth pursuing.


You're discouraged, tired, and exhausted!



Here is what I want you to know. As a master massage therapist and educator, I taught and trained other therapists as we served thousands while maintaining a 5-star rating with our clients!  In 2011 I went from being a solo practitioner to owning one of the fastest-growing massage spas in the southeast. My personal new client retention rate is consistently 60% and higher.


What I know is that while 70% of people who go to school to become a

massage therapist go so they can:


1) Work for themselves.

2) Control their own schedule.

3) And gain financial stability/independence


Most lack:


1) Basic business skills that allow them to grow a clientele

2) The confidence they needed to charge what they are worth.  


3)  Training on HOW to grow and retain their own clientele base.

Knowing where you are at in your career,  working smart,

and having the courage to pursue your heart-centered vision for

your practice is important…

But knowing HOW to do that is essential


When you work with me



Easy and natural techniques to keep your clients

coming back year after year.

Strategies to help guide the client acquisition process.

And the confidence to charge what you are worth!

 Through video training, live training, and one-on-one training

I will show you how to find and keep new clients, increase your retention rate

and gain new confidence and be energized so you can continue to do what you love.


What I want you to do right now is to


 Download the "5 ways to Easily Grow and Keep Your Clientele" now

as a way to get started on your path to achieving YOUR goals. It's my gift to you!

 And then look me up on social media so we can get to know each other better!

STOP trading your time for little money and get your life back!

STOP struggling to grow a strong clientele base!

GAIN the confidence to charge what you are worth!

 Let's get you back in control of your time, your schedule, and your money NOW!

Massage Table

Lana Bostwick, Licensed Massage Therapist

I can't say enough about both my professional and personal experiences with Lavonne. My journey with Lavonne began in 2013 in her massage spa. My client books were full almost immediately, and within a few weeks, I was re-booking clients for weekly and monthly appointments. Read more...


Tara Baldwin, MCLC, BELIEVE Life Coaching

"Lavonne has a proven track record of success, a leader in the massage industry with incredible knowledge. She is someone you can count on. I would highly recommend any workshop she is teaching. Tara Baldwin, MCLC, BELIEVE Life Coaching



Tameka Mays, Licensed



The approaches that I learned from her regarding the Total Body Flow Method increased my skill level. I was able to take these techniques to increase mindful awareness and allow my creative energies to flow during sessions.The skills I acquired allowed me to sharpen my intuition and zero in the client’s needs during sessions, which in turn increased client satisfaction and client return rate. Read more...

david miller.png

David Miller, LP, The Fellowship

My experience with Lavonne Ayoub as a professional massage therapist and industry leader in the field of massage has been nothing short of extraordinary. I have been the recipient of Lavonne’s massage technique or one of her highly trained therapists many times. Ranging from stress relief to improved circulation and flexibility. Each session tailored to meet my desired outcome for healthier living. Read more...

claire hodge.jpg

Claire Hodge, and Body DialogueTM Practioner

Lavonne is one of the most giving people I know.  Her generosity of spirit is abundant in her self care routines and how she imparts her wisdom to others. Her mindfulness allows for tremendous compassion to meet others in their head space, not hers.   Read More...

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