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Lavonne Ayoub is a wife, mother, author, vocalist, and speaker. She is an avid fan of good hair color, trail running, music, good food, travel, and the company of good friends.


Along with teaching the power of touch through massage therapy and bodywork, Lavonne loves to dialogue about spirituality, mindful living, and what it means to be whole. 

She is known for her honest and straightforward yet gentle conversations on how to live life with a heart at peace in a world riddled with turmoil and anxiety.


Her talks provide practical insights on present-moment living, healing the heart and mind from within, and living a life of fulfillment while remaining unshaken by life experiences. 

With a career spanning two decades in health, wellness, and Christian spiritual studies, she encourages others to experience transformation and wholeness from within while learning to embrace life’s journey as the person they are created to be.

Informed by the Christian Tradition, her mission is to help others live without fear of the future and become a healing presence in the world while remaining grounded in the person of Christ— happy, healthy, wealthy, and whole.

Enjoying life. 
An Invitation to Wholeness


Lavonne is available for retreats and ministry events, health and wellness events, and professional business groups to encourage motivate and inspire. She will encourage your group to live a fulfilling and successful life beginning right where they are, while becoming the best version of themselves in life's journey.

With a message of positivity, encouragement, and hope, she loves engaging with people face to face, online and in print about the essential ideas of living a healthy lifestyle from the inside out.

Popular topics include:                                                                                                     

Healthy Living

Practical massage and bodywork

Temperament analysis

Knowing one's self

Interpersonal relationships and family life

Healthy boundaries

Emotional responsibility

Nurturing a healthy mind

The power of personal presence

Practicing stillness to find rest

How to develop personal authenticity

Learning how to relax and be at ease

Spiritual Inspiration


Loving one's self 

Loving others, family and community

Who is the Christian God

Made in His Image

Renewing the mind

A Christ-centered heart

The interior life of the heart

Living in the present moment

Become a healing presence

Living without fear of the future 

Beyond the light of our own soul

Cultivating Christian maturity

What does it mean to be a Christian

                              (in a post-Christian world)


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