All About Swedish Massage

(All 40 Strokes / All Levels)

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Hello Friend! I am so glad you are here! 

This course will be available this winter/2020 and I am so

glad you are signing up.

If what you want to do is give the most incredible 
massage ever, this course will definitely set you up for success! 

Who is this course for?


  • Massage Students

  • Massage Professionals  

  • Anyone exploring massage therapy as a career 

  • Anyone who wants to know how to give an incredible 

       full body massage to their family or friends

Did you know that there are 40 Swedish Massage strokes? 

Most massage professionals that I talk to say there are only five.

NOT TRUE! There are 40.

There are five TYPES of strokes, but indeed there are 40 strokes!

In this course, you will learn all 40 strokes. And it is all you will ever

need to know far more than most others do, and to succeed. 

Classical Swedish or Western Massage is incredibly versatile. It has all the strokes and techniques you

will ever need to succeed in massage - INCLUDING energy work and deep tissue. 

Yes, I just said that :) 


You do not need to know Reiki or take Trigger Point Therapy or other exotic classes. ALL you need is Swedish Massage.

Western, Swedish Massage has been downplayed for years now in favor of many other isolated or exotic methods. However, you've just finished school (or you're getting ready to go to a school) where you had to (or will have to) learn Swedish Massage - or at least some limited version or variation of Swedish Massage.

I have always found that building on what I already know to be the most effective way to achieve my goals and be successful. I am sure you agree, and I am guessing that is why you are here!


So, NOW it's time to capitalize on what you already know! Time to expand and deepen your knowledge and experience the full range and benefit of Classical Western Massage. 


When you learn All About Swedish Massage you'll see why you will never need anything else! 

I am so happy you are here! I know you are going to rock this and be wildly successful, and I can't

wait to share this exquisite massage modality with you - in its fullest form. 

All my love,


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